We Have Our Reservations for Guatemala City

Traveling to new places and staying off the beaten path always requires a lot of research to find places to stay that are inexpensive, have character and attract interesting fellow travelers. Our first few nights will be at Xamanek in Guatemala City. I want to see the areas around that are considered "Squatter Cities" and we (Wife Karen Connor, Daughter Colleen Connor Barrie and I) want to see some of the colonial parts of Guatemala City.

We are then off to Lake Atitlan where we have an abundance of places to stay. The challenge will be finding some place cool but not overly Gringofied. Panajachel is officially known as "Gringotenango" so we might be fighting an uphill battle.

We plan on traveling by "Chicken Bus" for part or all of our travels so we should have some very interesting stories from the road.

Road time is Mid June to Mid July.

Hope to see some of you on the "Gringo Trail"

-John Barrie

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