2 Years in Guatemala

We (The Appropriate Technology Collaborative) have been in Guatemala for 2 years now. We know our way around pretty well. We know which places really merit your attention, moreover we know great places to eat and sleep throughout the country.

We are starting a regular update of this site with special emphasis on:

Copan (technically in Honduras, but most folks get there from Guatemala)
Xela (also known as Quetzaltenango)
Lake Atitlan
Guatemala City
Rio Dulce

This arc through Guatemala, known to many as "La Ruta Maya" and also as "The Gringo Trail" has much to offer.

Our blog will deliver to your door our unfiltered knowledge of where to stay and where to eat - where we got food poisoning and where we ate our way through the entire market without so much as a burp.

Some of the places we have reviewed in the past have changed ownership. Some are no longer in business. One hostel where we stayed in Guatemala City has had a Disco move in next door and the walls are thumpin' till 4:00am.

Please check back. We have updates rolling into Guatemala Travel almost daily.

Stay Tuned!

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